If Apple releases its own smart home hardware, think connected speakers and TVs


It’s always been a question of when — and not if — in assessing Apple’s plans for the connected home, although a better question is probably “how.” As in, how will Apple attempt to bring its brand of design and usability to the fragmented market for app-controlled home products, which ranges from speakers to thermostats?

We may be getting closer to an answer. Apple has assembled a team to work on some kind of connected home hardware, according to an article in 9to5 Mac. The article is scant on details but fraught with possibilities.

Basically, the report said Apple has a team looking at some kind of hardware for the smart home because it thinks the category could be huge. It is not alone in this idea. The report added that Apple being Apple, it also might stop this development effort at any time. And while the source quoted…

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