Japan’s Moi Corporation Raises $5M For Mobile Live Streaming App TwitCasting


Once upon a time, say about three or four years ago, there were all sorts of companies trying to help users live stream themselves onto the Internet. There was Livestream and Ustream and Justin.tv and others, promising users quick and painless tools for live online broadcasts — even on mobile.

And then things calmed down a lot, and the mobile live-streaming market stopped being really exciting. But a startup out of Japan wants to change that, and it looks like it’s getting a little bit of traction.

Moi Corporation, which is the company behind Japanese mobile live stream app TwitCasting, just raised $5 million to extend its reach outside of its home market and to grow around the world. The company raised that funding from Indonesia’s Sinar Mas Group leading and Japanese seed investor East Ventures also participating.

TwitCasting actually has two different apps — one for broadcast and…

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