Gunmaker Skirts Laws By 3D-Printing A Single Firearm Part


A gunmaker who calls himself Buck O’Fama (get it?) has posted a video of his 3D-printed Ruger Charger receiver. This single part, which usually holds the serial number and is an integral part of the firing mechanism, is, technically, the only part that defines a weapon as an actual gun. By printing his (or her) own, O’Fama has essentially skirted the law that requires all firearms to be registered with the federal government.

Unlike the 3D printed Liberator, this 3D-printed part requires very little structural support and is simply used to guide the mechanism while firing. In other words, you can buy all the parts for a Ruger Charger (a .22-calibre rimfire semiautomatic that is essentially a Ruger 10/22 rifle in pistol form) online – except the receiver.

O’Fama is doing little novel here. Gunmakers wishing to exert their rights can buy “80% completed” receivers online now and, with…

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