Intel’s CEO Envisions A Future Where Wearables Don’t Look Like Wearables — And It’s Not That Far Away


brian-krzanichIntel CEO Brian Krzanich foresees a day when a wearable is no longer seen a one-size-fits-all device that you put on your wrist. That day could be coming sooner rather than later, as Intel-based wearable products will likely be shown off in the coming weeks at New York Fashion Week.

“Wearables” is still a nascent product category, but one that Intel has a vested interest in. After all, the company acquired wearable maker Basis for around $100 million earlier this year.

Intel isn’t alone, however. Everyone from major consumer electronics manufacturers like Samsung and LG to startups like Pebble and Meta, are seeking to create “smart” devices that users can wear.

For the most part, wearables have been split into one of two camps — those targeted at users who want to better connect with and get notifications from their mobile phones and other devices, and others for tracking…

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