Apple ups iCloud security following celebrity hack, adding alerts and boosting two-factor authentication



Apple is to start notifying users when someone tries to restore iCloud data to a new device, in the wake of last week’s big celebrity nude selfie hack – and it’s also going to start using two-factor authentication as a security measure for accessing iCloud accounts from its mobile devices.

[company]Apple[/company] CEO Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal late Thursday that the company would start sending out email and push notifications for iCloud data restoration in a couple weeks’ time, and reiterated an earlier statement asserting that the hackers had correctly guessed security questions in order to change the victims’ passwords, or used standard phishing techniques to fool the targets into giving up their Apple IDs and passwords.

Email and push notifications will also alert users when someone tries to change the account password or log into the account from a new device – these activities already triggered email…

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