Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Window for Viewing Deceased

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By Jordy Altman

Funeral Home Drive-Thru: just a step away from the dollar menu…

Has science gone too far? Just this week, the Saginaw News in Saginaw, Mich. reported a brand new extension on their local Paradise Funeral Chapel: a drive-thru window. The window has been added to the side of the funeral home, where a large, curtained window is automatically set to reveal the deceased to families on-the-go.

Sounds like some sort of cheap joke, but the Michigan’s drive-thru isn’t something new. In fact, at least three other funereal homes in the United States offer a drive-thru service.

The service isn’t aimed to the fourth-meal crowd, but rather to the elderly. In remarks made in a recent USA Today article, President Ivan Phillips of the Paradise Funeral Chapel states he is “…trying particularly to be sensitive to the needs of the elderly, who may have mobility problems that make…

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