The web advertising arms race heats up as Facebook opens its Audience Network to the public


Facebook took its Audience Network out of beta Tuesday and introduced it to the wider public. Now, any app developer can serve themselves a scoop of advertising — and accompanying revenue — through Facebook’s ad network. Likewise, anyone who advertises on Facebook can also push their ads out through Facebook’s app network, using Facebook’s user data to target ads based on a person’s gender, age, location, and interests.

It’s the latest news in the social media giant’s ongoing advertising efforts, following closely on the heels of its relaunch of Atlas. That’s Facebook’s ad server that competes with Google’s DoubleClick, distributing banner ads to websites and mobile sites.

The Audience Network allows developers to integrate ads into their apps via an API. With the API, the Facebook-served ads will appear native to the app, with the same styling and coloring of the app itself. “The future of ads is all about showing you ads…

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