Tumblr fixes redesign issue after 50,000 users petition the site


At the end of October, Tumblr made a design change that angered a huge chunk of its user base. It widened the size of posts so their desktop appearance would be more consistent with its mobile app. One issue: That skewed the measurements of some pictures, gifs, and other media uploaded prior to the design change.

It was a significant problem for the artists, content creators, and sellers, many of whom have years of work on their Tumblr accounts. According to some accounts, prior images became pixelated and unprofessional, and there was no way to fix it. Furthermore, the huge amount of blank space the redesign created in the side bars was jarring.

The users didn’t take the change lying down, and one of them launched a Change.org petition asking Tumblr “Please listen to your audience and return Tumblr’s photo sizing to how it was originally.”

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