The next generation of LTE chips are all about the upload


This week Qualcomm unveiled its next generation LTE modem, which boasts another big theoretical boost in download speeds up to 450 Mbps. But in this announcement Qualcomm made special note of a feature that has long been ignored in 4G: upload speeds.

[company]Qualcomm[/company]’s new Gobi 9×45 modem actually doubles the possible uplink bandwidth between a device to 100 Mbps. Ever since the first LTE networks came online six years ago, uplink speeds have never crossed the 50-Mbps threshold (and in reality, most networks see much slower real world speeds).

Why? In an interview earlier this year, [company]Intel[/company] chief wireless technologist Ken Stewart explained that the upstream component of the network was never the biggest priority when LTE standards because the use cases the industry envisioned were things like video and app downloads. But as we move toward cloud services, video chat and many more applications that require symmetric bandwidth…

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