Dropbox to unveil its Dropbox for Business API as lawyers rejoice



Dropbox will launch its Dropbox for Business API on Wednesday, allowing developers to create enterprise-oriented applications on top of Dropbox. The company also said that it now has 100,000 Dropbox for Business companies, which includes organizations like Hyatt Hotels Corporation, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Spotify.

Unlike [company]Box[/company], which recently announced Box for Industries — a service that’s a custom version of Box geared for specific business sectors like the healthcare and media industries — [company]Dropbox[/company] is not retrofitting the Dropbox platform to accommodate clients. Instead, it’s allowing businesses to develop industry specific apps on top of its platform through the API.

“It extends the functionality of Dropbox for Business to developers in third parties,” said Ilya Fushman, head of product for Dropbox for Business.

Now organizations worried about legal compliance issues regarding the documents they share in Dropbox can basically create “a custom Dropbox for lawyers and not…

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