WATCH: Politicians behaving badly in 2014

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Because they live their lives in the public eye, politicians and elected officials inevitably have more exposure to cameras than your average citizen.

Usually, this leads to stump speeches, sound bites, and your standard partisan attacks.

From time-to-time, though, cameras are rolling during a moment our elected leaders would really rather forget.

This is politicians behaving badly: the 2014 edition.

Japanese politician weeps hysterically during press conference (see above)

A Japanese politician burst into tears and incomprehensible blabber during a press conference this past July.

Ryutaro Nonomura banged his fists on the desk and sobbed uncontrollably in front of reporters as he defended himself against accusations he misused public money.

The footage of the politician’s meltdown has since gone viral with over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Unreal exchange in House of Commons over Canada’s involvement in Iraq
[tp_video id=1579394]

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair wanted to talk about Iraq. Parliamentary secretary…

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