Cemetery Drones And On-Demand Cookies: Meet 500 Startups’ New Batch


Diversity of ideas and founders is the 500 Startups way. So it’s fitting that the accelerator’s 11th Mountain View batch would feature an extraordinarily wide range of companies; from those tackling huge problems like recruiting and health in the Arab world, to more “niche to win” businesses focused on picture framing or cookie delivery. Investors I spoke to weren’t particularly excited about this Demo Day’s set, but time will tell if some can expand into adjacent markets to become the type of startups VC drool over.

500 Startups partner Sean Percival explained that some of the ideas might seem small because his incubator prefers companies with live products and “we’re really looking for early traction.” That contrasts sharply with fellow accelerator Y Combinator, which has begun investing in hard-science companies in areas like nuclear energy that can take years to get to market.

500 Startups

Percival was proud to note that 37%…

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