Beam Is An App-Controlled Pico-Projector To Liven Up Your Light Sockets



Pico projectors have found their way into smartphones before now (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy Beam), but mostly as an gimmicky add on. And one that’s fizzled out, rather than becoming a standard issue feature — like, say, the LED flash on the back of your handset which doubles as a torch.

Expense and battery life have likely put paid to any mass mobile rollout of pico projectors so far. That and niche utility. Not everyone wants or needs a micro projector in their phone. But as more functions crowd onto the small screen, a tech that offers a way to feel less tethered to that screen when at home — and to widen its canvas on demand — might well have broader appeal.

The team behind this Kickstarter project, called Beam, certainly think so. And they’ve managed to pull in $400,000+ and counting — more than double their original target — from over 1,100 backers after just a…

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