Etsy files for an IPO, looks to raise up to $100M


Artisanal e-commerce site Etsy just filed to go public, hoping to raise up to $100 million. Unlike many recent consumer tech companies, Etsy chose the NASDAQ over the NYSE. It landed its own name as its stock ticker — ETSY.

In the S-1 document, the company shared its revenue for 2014: $195.6 million. That’s more than 56 percent growth since 2013. The revenue only includes Etsy’s cut of purchases, not all sellers’ fees for their items. In terms of the total amount of sales made through the  site, Etsy hit $1.93 billion in 2014.

The company isn’t quite breaking even though. It had a net loss of $15.2 million in 2014, compared to $0.8 million in 2013. It’s possible Etsy was reinvesting the bulk of its profits in growth.

This story is developing and I’ll update as more information comes to light…




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