Tokyo, no longer the terminal

It’s been just about 4 months now since Tokyo train station is no longer the last stop for the Tokaido trains.

In March, there was a train accident and all trains stopped and created a havoc from Atami, Tokyo, Omiya, Chiba, Maebashi, Kuroiso.
Yes, prefectures include Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraku, Tochigi, and Tokyo.

When one train stops due to an accident or any malfunction, the havoc spreads to all, including the private rails and subways. One delay creates turmoil in all systems in n trains and buses since people transfer.

Nothing had changed.
Will it change?
Probably not.

What the Japanese need to do is to off peak commute. But there’s no room for that in the society to accept this idea.
Gregarious work habits with the gestalt psychology does not allow the society for increase work proficiency. These people are taught to arrive on time and start working at the same time.

But when it comes to end working, there is no time limit in the society.
This creates as habit of working long hours with little pay. Oh, pay us good due to getting overtime pay in some cases.

Japanese are not accredited for working efficiently. They are praised when working long hours.
Society that praises such a method will never be looked as a world leader or even a good working ants.

Is there a remedy for such?
I think there is.
There are some companies that have different work habits from illed society and doing very well.
We need to learn from these companies.

While I’m on a train commute to Tokyo, I keep thinking to myself what the hell are all these people with tired sick eyes doing with their lives?

What we need to do is to decentralize the society and bring work force to the suburbs. But then, we have other problems such as natural disasters, earthquake and typhoon.

Is there peace in Japan and for the Japanese?
Probably not.



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