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全国各地に存在しますご当地弁当。浜松であれば「うなぎ弁当」、飛騨に行けば「飛騨牛の弁当」、横浜では「焼売弁当」など様々なものがあります。もちろん美味しいのは確実なのですが、実はあまり報道されていないけど、美味しいという弁当はまだまだたくさんあります。その中でこちらの「バーベキュー弁当」は格別です。 続きを読む from 秒刊SUNDAY | 面白いネットニュースサイト https://ift.tt/2F1clMK

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Local dad still thinks “lol” means “lots of love”


Gotta whole lot of love ♪


iPhone やAndroidはどうなる?w

U.S. proposes tariffs on $50B in Chinese imports, including planes, robots and TVs



Trump with airplanes
President Donald Trump speaks at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar during last month’s visit to California. (DOD Photo)

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative today rolled out a list of $50 billion worth of Chinese-made goods that could be hit by import tariffs, marking the latest volley in what some fear could turn into a trade war.

The items range from components for spacecraft and aircraft, to robots and other industrial tools, to pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, to television sets, dishwashers and even sewing machine needles.

The 45-page, 1,300-item list was developed as a response to what the Trump administration says are China’s efforts to take unfair advantage of technologies and intellectual property developed in the U.S. Listed items could be subject to an added import duty of 25 percent.

The proposed tariffs won’t take effect until they undergo more than a month of public comment and review.

Trade officials said federal agencies checked the list to remove targets that could backfire on the U.S. economy. Nevertheless, the Retail Industry Leaders Association said it’s concerned about the potential impact, particularly when it comes to tariffs aimed at appliances, TVs and other consumer products.

“Tariffs on everyday consumer products will hit American wallets, not Chinese technology violators, and the presumption that any of these targeted products could be reasonably sourced elsewhere ignores the complexity of modern global value chains,” Hun Quach, RILA’s vice president of international trade, said in a statement.

A Friendly Reminder That Instagram Uses All Your Facebook Data





E! Television / Instagram

The news that Cambridge Analytica collected the data of millions of Facebook users without their consent has a lot of people freaked out about how much Facebook actually knows about us, and what it’s doing with our personal information.

Frankly, people are pissed. A #DeleteFacebook campaign started trending on Twitter, and even Elon Musk deleted the Tesla and SpaceX Facebook pages in protest. Amid mounting public pressure, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg went on an apology press tour, promising to do better in the future. But this scandal isn’t going away just yet, and people are starting to more closely scrutinize how Facebook and Google collect and use their data.

But even before the Cambridge Analytica fallout, we’ve all known that Facebook knows a lot about us. And that’s how it sells ads — by using all that stuff it knows about us to help advertisers target us with their ads.

Google’s latest undersea cable project will connect Japan to Australia — TechCrunch


When you’re a company as large as Google, you need to make build versus buy decisions every day, whether that’s buying a company or building the software or renting time on an undersea cable or building your own. 574 more words

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